IT Infrastructure is essential to the start of any business. All successful enterprises are built on well designed processes, an enabled workforce and an effective communications systems. RDV Group has developed an array of services to help businesses flourish in today’s competitive environment.

Efficient ITSM control, monitoring and audits

We offer

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Infrastructure Services

This service will allow you to:

  • Budget and expenditure management, implementing operational and resource efficiency;
  • Improvement of service reliability, detecting security vulnerabilities and non functional service elements;
  • Productivity improvements at all levels of the technical stack.

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Operational Process Automation

Utilisation of IT Service Management systems allow you to track IT and project related work, manage costs and business activities. ITSM allows you to manage services rendered to you, with controls of costs and detailed reporting capability.
ITSM system is a solution for decreasing management overheads, enabling transparent auditing and increasing productivity.

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Directory Services

Centralised directory services enable the integration of data from across your entire business enterprise, user access control and rights management. A well designed and implemented user management system along with seamless processes built around it, will ensure that nobody's vacation need to be interrupted due to missing access rights.

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Server management

An indispensable service for any business running shared, back office infrastructure. Complete management of your server operating systems and the networks they are connected to. IT specialists at RDV Group can quickly mitigate failures and new resource deployments can be requested at any time.

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Corporate Enterprise Management

We use a number of technological solutions to effectively manage the corporate IT environment - they help to automate and standardize company processes. Custom application and solution development is a part of our core service which reduces the overall operational costs.
We develop solutions that will automate your day to day processes making it easy to track progress, resources and manage costs in your IT environment. Benefits of process automation:

  • Centralised IT management system;
  • Introduction of single standards, federated by automated processes built around business goals;
  • Increased team productivity;
  • Introduction of Agile work practices that improve the speed of the development life cycle;
  • Decreased cost of IT operations;

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Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualisation technologies provide the ability to quickly and efficiently launch applications and other services on a single hardware resource, while providing isolation to each application layer, increasing security, reducing the risk of failure, simplifying operational overhead and increasing efficiency of hardware utilisation.
It is one of the technologies powering cloud based infrastructure, making your systems more accessible and convenient. Virtualisation technologies today help prevent vendor locking which means your business will not be tied to a particular tech stack or a hardware provider a few years down the line.

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Network Infrastructure Management

Services include maintenance and monitoring of wired and wireless network infrastructure ensuring your systems are operating 24/7. Our professional engineers can help you plan and execute expansions, migrations and build future proof infrastructure that lasts.

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Database Services

Our IT Infrastructure management service include management and support of databases. We ensure that database systems of any scope are reliable, fault tolerant, and provide offsite disaster recovery solutions. Your data will be stored securely on an off-site location, available 24/7 in case of failure event.

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Communication Systems Architecture

Communications are an integral part of business. Well designed and reliable solutions empower collaboration and boost overall productivity of the business. Development and integration of collaboration and communication tools with spam protection and secure information exchange. Our clients benefit from:

  • Secure data transfer and digital communications;
  • Increased productivity enabled by integrated solutions;
  • Easy to use access control, suited for any level of technical competency;
  • Lower operational costs;
  • Systems accessible 24/7 with fast and effective technical support;

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Information Security

Protecting your business using the latest InfoSec technologies. Our solutions will keep your systems protected from hackers, viruses and system faults 99.9% of the time.

We take all the necessary measures to help you avoid such situations as well as:

  • Optimized Internet content filters right for your business;
  • Advanced endpoint protection on all your devices;
  • Encrypted network protocols resistant to intrusion;
  • Intrusion detection monitors and alerts on attempts to penetrate the network and quickly blocks the source;
  • Robust and easy to use access control system ensures security for all personnel;

Operation improvements to the IT Infrastructure – Automation and standardization of your internal company processes with the use of technical solutions.