The development of the project included the creation of a multifunctional website with further functional capability growth and modification of the user interface without global modification of the entire system. The portal should combine many absolutely different fields of activity which are related to the everyday education and planning of a child, without forgetting about the needs of the parents themselves.

For this, a list of tasks was planned and implemented:

  • Basic set of core social functions – meeting, chat, news feed publications
  • Polling and voting functionality
  • Video blogs
  • Blogs
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Personal pages / Directories
  • Private classfields
  • Integration with kids stores (Online shop / E-commerce)
  • Online education
  • Donations

The following work was done for the implementation of the project:

  • Project planning and management
  • Creation of an internal process control system
  • Development of a server infrastructure based on the Zend Framework
  • Development of multiple design options and their integration
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Integration with social networks
  • Integration with Google services
  • Server and application monitoring


  • PHP / Zend framework, NodeJs
  • MySQL
  • Linux server, nginx
  • SSL, Zabbix, Gitlab


IT outsourcing with dedicated resources for a large business

  • Project management
  • Software development and management
  • Development and expansion strategy
  • Corporate design
  • Individual solution