The aim of the organization is to provide the best working environment for your teams and suited for any business model. RDV Group Ltd can help your business rid of nagging issues such us internet connectivity problems, unreliable email exchanges and broken printers. Our experts will increase your productivity and reduce operational costs of your IT infrastructure.

Quick installation of the workplace will be the actual solution

What do we offer

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IT Workstation Support

We manage the digital workspace of all the employees in the organisation, services include:

  • On-time configuration, installation and servicing of all office equipment including workstations and printers;
  • Improved application management and proactive approach to problem prevention;
  • Regular device driver updates, application maintenance, anti virus management and information security provisions;
  • ISP and other types of connectivity management;
  • Complete configuration of user profiles and other internal resources required for day to day operations;
  • End user training and documentation on how to use the system;
  • Our services also include the repair of existing, faulty equipment.

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Desktop Virtualisation

Virtualisation prevents issues such as loss of work and loss of physical access to the data during a hardware failure. The use of Cloud technologies facilitates the high availability and fault tolerance of your virtual desktop as well as making it accessible from anywhere in the world. Mobile application solutions will enable your teams to work freely without being tied to a physical location. Our services include:

  • Development and integration of custom applications;
  • End user training and documentation;
  • Support and maintenance of virtual applications;
  • Support help desk to assist your staff when problems occur.

Desktop virtualisation enables the migration of your local applications to a virtual disk making them accessible via two different models:

  • сервер в облаке – Server-Based Computing;
  • сервер в офисе – Central-Based Computing.

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Application deployment and management

Our workstations are pretty useless without the right applications being available to the staff. We ensure that all custom and licensed applications are pre-installed and ready on all workstations, physical and virtualized.
We offer full support, configuration and management of all software as well as handle any required migrations to newer platforms or hardware. The applications installed on each work space will be clearly visible to the user.
You can select an application deployment package consisting of a standard set of tools such as archive managers, web browsers, office applications (Microsoft Office / Libre Office) as well as choosing the right Operating System for your workstations whether its Windows or Ubuntu. Pick your own deployment catalogue that suits your business.

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Software Asset Management

RDV Group Ltd will monitor software expenses, actively maintain software inventory and keep your software asset catalogue up to date. The primary goal of this service is to reduce costs and keep software up to date. Users can focus with their tasks at hand knowing that all the software is up to date. Implementation of SAM can serve the following benefits:

  • reduce software costs by up to 40%;
  • improve security of your desktop environments;
  • increase employee productivity;
  • plan ahead by purchasing multi year licenses for essentials such as AntiVirus protection;
  • optimization of free / paid license ration without sacrificing quality;
  • standardized deployment and user experience;
  • evaluation of custom, in-house applications;

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Virtualized OS Management and Deployment

The role of this service is to design and implement conventions for centrally managing and deploying operating systems along with their underlying components. Virtual disk images are created, centrally stored and deployed to physical workstations and other devices in an automated way. Organisations spread across multiple geographical locations and managing more than 50 devices require a standardised approach:

  • reduced operational costs;
  • considerably reduced deployment time and effort. No need to manually configure each device, 50+ devices can be rolled out at the click of a button;
  • increased IT security due to the use of standard and vetted images;

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Mobile Workstations

The introduction of mobile working is a natural step forward for businesses with increasingly dynamic workforce which is not tied to a single place of work. RDV Group Ltd designs, implements and supports mobile working solution to enable an agile business.

Our service offers development and configuration of applications, market analysis of devices and the development of unified solutions which enable the interaction with the enterprise remotely. Our technical support team is always ready to assist users when necessary.

We will help you quickly resolve any issues which can cause system downtime, process failure or delay projects. Improving the quality of the workplace experience is a benefit many companies enjoy when deciding to outsource IT management services. A dedicated group of professionals ensure that no unnecessary distraction distract your staff from their day-to-day duties.