RDV Group Ltd offers fast response and timely solutions to any problems that may arise, such as:

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Critical number of support requests, which could lead to service disruption

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Incorrect use of services, failure or malfunction

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Increasing operational, maintenance and development costs

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Long problem resolution times and constant firefighting

In case of a problem our clients can contact us by calling, emailing or via the website. Clients benefit from a dedicated call center to help with following services

Call Center

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Accept and record all issues

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Assessment and classification of the problem

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Attempt to provide 1st line support where possible

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If the issue cannot be resolved immediately it will be escalated to the advanced technical support team

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In the event of a major incident affecting the operation of the company as a whole, users are alerted

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Close open requests upon successful completion

Any member of your organisation or a dedicated liaison can contact the call center for assistance.